Acting on inspiration (and a special announcement!)


Hands up how many of you are feeling inspired today?

I am hoping that each of you has a hand firmly raised in the air, but seeing as I can’t see you, I am going to assume that some of you do, and some of you don’t (if your hand is raised you can lower it now. Thanks for playing.)

In my coaching business, I have come across mainly two types of people – those who are constantly inspired, filled to the brim with ideas and opportunities that they just don’t know where to start, and then those who don’t remember the last time they felt passionate or inspired by anything at all.

BOTH situations can be challenging for various reasons. Lacking inspiration and drive can lead to a serious lack in motivation for life. You go through each day, same old, not really working towards any sort of purpose, wondering what this whole ‘life’ thing is all about. Sound familiar?

OR you rush through each day, with so many ideas and opportunities, feeling totally stressed out and overwhelmed by all of the options, that you don’t act on ANY of them because you barely know where to start.

I have firmly sat in BOTH categories, and neither are a fun time.

BUT a book changed all that for me. After reading Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert, I looked at inspiration and creativity in an entirely different way. Number one, it is my responsibility to create SPACE to be creative and to feel inspired. Yes, there are moments where waves of inspiration rush over me seemingly out of nowhere, but if I wanted MORE of those waves, it was time for me to create more space.

So now, as part of my morning ritual, I spend 10 minutes every morning with my laptop open, writing whatever words come to mind. You may have seen me start introducing more of my fictional writing on my Instagram page. These words are a result of that SPACE. Yes, there are some mornings I don’t know what to write, and couldn’t care less about sitting down and writing, but because I am more committed to the act of creating and feeling inspired than I am about quitting, this practice has allowed me to show up REGARDLESS of whether I am feeling inspired or not.

The other thing that really left a mark on me is that, if you have an inspired thought or idea and don’t act on it, chances are that idea is going to eventually leave you for someone else. Someone who WILL act on it. How many of you can relate? You think of a great idea, put it on the ‘save that for later’ list and before you know it, someone else is launching your baby. But there really is no one else to blame but yourself, yes?

This happened to me twice recently. The most recent was an ebook idea I had been toying with for 12 months now. I knew it was a good idea, but for whatever reason wasn’t feeling motivated enough to act on the inspiration I felt (maybe fear was holding me back, or maybe a little bit of procrastination. I actually don’t quite know.). Last week a fellow coach launched the EXACT ebook idea and I knew my inspiration had found itself a new home. It had reached its used by date with me.

This got me thinking SERIOUSLY about all of the ideas and opportunities I have pushed to the side for no particular reason. Feeling inspired is a GIFT. And by creating space for it, I have been receiving suggest of inspiration every day.

Which is why I am no longer waiting to act on them. It’s time to grab hold of them and run – which is why I am SO incredibly excited to announce the launch of SOUL READS – a global online book club and passion project run by myself and my beautiful friend Kate Johnston from @Korewellbeing. Our goal is to create a space where you can read (along with us), share (your insights and ours) and connect (with likeminded individuals and your soul).

This has been an idea of ours for some time now, and along with a few very obvious signs sent our way over the last couple of weeks (thanks Universe) – we decided that this wave of inspiration was far too big to ignore. So we are riding it!

If you would like to join our online community, please feel free to do so here: eepurl.com/cy_gZf

Each fortnight we will announce a new book we will be reading, which you can read along with us. We will be hosting regular webinars to discuss the books topics, and giving you tips on how to implement the teachings into your daily life – along with heaps of other AWESOME things we have up our sleeves. The best bit? It is totally free, and you don’t even need to leave your bedroom if you don’t want to.

Life is far too short not to acknowledge the incredible ways you can contribute your ideas to the world. Yes, you. Where are you holding back your inspiration right now? And how can you create more space to bring it into your daily life?


Why TRUST is my word for 2017


For the last few years, coming into a new year, I have set myself a ‘word’ for the year ahead. I liked the idea that if I had a word to focus on for my new year, it could guide my visions, help me through challenging times, and encompass all that I wanted the year ahead to be for me and my loved ones.

I have had words like PUSH, and WEALTH and LOVE. Last year my word was LIGHT. I wanted to be the light, feel light, not let little things weigh me down and be a beacon of light to others and myself.

My word for 2017 came easily for me – I didn’t have to think particularly hard about it. In fact, I think it dropped into my head on an unassuming day, out of nowhere, like it had almost been there all along.

My word for 2017 is TRUST.

Throughout my life I have always dealt with anxiety – this underlying ‘fear’ that something would most definitely go wrong at any time. Especially during the good times, because life wasn’t ever meant to be easy right? If I had an amazing day, that meant something awful was looming around the corner to shake me back into reality. Know the feeling?

Not only is this an AWFUL way to live your life, but it really feeds into self sabotage and damaging beliefs. And remember – what you think you become. So is it any wonder that when I thought in this way, my anxiety would continue to manifest?

Last year I learned to LET GO of my need to control each and every situation. I surrendered to the Universe (or God – they are one and the same in my eyes) and trusted that what was meant to be would be. And my gosh is that a comfortable way to live. TRUST that there is always a reason for whatever card you are being dealt. TRUST that you will always be okay. TRUST that you are loved and worthy and supported and guided. TRUST in the flow of life.

Now, trusting is all well and good during the amazing times. It’s easy to trust in the magic and beauty of the Universe when you are being dealt an overflow of abundance, your relationships are flourishing and your health is thriving.

But what about during the shit times? The shituations, if you will? Well my beautiful friends, this is PRECISELY when trusting is PARAMOUNT.

Here is a recent example of how I held onto trust, even in a shituation, and it didn’t fail me:

I catch public transport into my Bondi office from the Western suburbs of Sydney – something that usually takes me just over an hour one way. On this particular afternoon, I left Bondi and proceeded on my route home. Bus, train, bus. On my last bus, as it was pulling up to my stop to get off, there was a line up of broken down busses blocking entry.

“I can’t stop here,” the driver announced. “Anyone who needs to get off here needs to find another way home.”

Now, that was all well and good, except my partner and his brother, both who I live with, were on an airplane to Bali at that moment. I called his little sister to see if she could meet me at the closest shopping centre to then take me to my car, which she could.

I asked the driver if he stopped at said shopping centre. He didn’t. But, he said, if I was to hop off at the next stop and get on the bus behind him, that would get me there in 10 minutes.


So that’s what I did.

On this new bus, head in my lap, I decided to look up briefly. Funny, this wasn’t the way to the shopping centre I knew? I decided to sit back and ‘trust’ that I would end up where I needed to be. A few moments went by and I looked up again. My bus was turning off onto a motorway taking me FAR away from home.

At this stage, in a fit of panic, I jumped up and asked the driver if he was taking me to the shopping centre I needed to be at. He wasn’t. But, he said, if I got off at the next stop and ran to the bus behind him, THAT would be the bus I wanted.

At this stage, I was well over 2 hours into my journey home. I was flustered and cranky and tired. BUT I reminded myself to trust that this was all happening for some divine reason. (Plus Mercury was in Retrograde which just made me laugh to myself in annoyance. Of course this was happening.)

So that’s what I did.

Onto the next bus, confirming he was going where I needed to. No, he wasn’t. BUT he could drop me at a different shopping centre, and I could get a bus to the one I wanted to go to from there.


When I finally made it to the shopping centre bus stop, I stood waiting while bus after bus leaving for all sorts of foreign places (to me) pulled up, dropped people off, and left. I was feeling anxious now. I started sending messages to friends to see if they could come and grab me. No one could. In that moment I really felt alone, although in the back of my mind something was telling me this was all happening for a reason. I HAD to trust!

After the 50th bus pulled away from me, I sat down and started to cry little tears of frustration. I opened Uber to see how much it would take to get me where I needed to. $60 for two suburbs drive. Half of what I had made with my client that day. PLUS there were no Ubers in the area.

As I looked up from my phone, ready to start hitchhiking, a bus heading to the direction I needed to pulled up. VICTORY! I ran for it, and as I got to the curb….he pulled away.

I saw a taxi in the distance.

Fuck it, I thought, I’m getting the cab.

Tearfully telling the driver where to drop me, I sat back in the cab trying my hardest to see the silver lining or lesson. What was my trust getting me in this shituation? I struggled so hard and really couldn’t see anything in it. 3 and a half hours later and I wasn’t home. But WHY?

I paid for my cab, and jumped out at the shopping centre. I was thinking to myself that MAYBE I would run into someone I was meant to see, and all of this kerfuffle was just a giant Universe conspiring me to teach me to TRUST.

Caught up in my thoughts, I almost ran into a man and his family right in front of me.

Hang on – I knew that face!

It was an old teacher of mine – who happened to be one of my favourites – who I had not seen in 9 YEARS!

A wave of relief and hysteria rushed over me as I realised this whole ordeal was leading me to this moment. We chatted for 45 minutes about everything – work, life, health, family. AND on departing, he asked for my card, along with his wife (who also teaches) – as they would both like me to come to their schools and speak to their students about self love. One of my biggest ambitions for this year.

If you are still reading after that long winding story then chances are you can also see what I mean when I say that TRUST can be your greatest ally, even in really crappy situations. The lesson for me in that ordeal is that I DO need to surrender control some times – and allow things to happen FOR me. Things are not always as they seem – there is always a lesson to be taken from every situation.

Remember to weave trust into your daily life as often as you can. Especially when the going gets tough. I promise it will do you good.

I would love to know, what is YOUR word for 2017 and why? Have you seen it play out for you already?