A sneak peek into my journal…


The first week in July felt uncomfortable to me. Don’t get me wrong, each day was beautiful and filled with the usual gratitudes and positivity – but there was a real unease in the energy, and I was totally aware of why too.

Flipping through my journal pages from the first couple of days sums it up nicely:

1 July 2017

July for me feels like slowing down, really going within. Almost like preparing for BIG things. Doing the ground work – and the groundING work!

4 July 2017

May and June were such full months – I am fully embracing the space in July. For me, July is all about practicing patience, slowing down and TRUSTING everything is unfolding as it should – it always does.

5 July 2017

I am learning lots more these days to release control, embrace space and relax with flow. It makes me uncomfortable, but I know it is a big lesson for me. 

6 July 2017

Gosh the theme of July is so blatantly SPACE. And PATIENCE. Each day has been full of tests, forcing me to slow down and just ‘be’. Truth be told, I have been resistant to it. There is this part of me that is rushed and forced. That pushes. I am being urged to embrace the feminine – to surrender. I need to fall into it. It won’t be easy, but it is necessary for my growth. To disconnect, to go within and allow for space. For NOTHING. My soul is craving it right now and the best thing I can do is listen to it. 

7 July 2017

I feel really content and relaxed after a very easy, slow week. It really has taken me to this point to get comfortable slowing down – but I am now. When we take our time with things, we show the Universe that we have surrendered fully, and that we trust it. I don’t NEED to rush through life – no good comes of it. It is actually NICE to fully surrender – to go about my day doing whatever I please, allowing life to happen FOR me. That is a gift in itself. 

12 July 2017

I LOVE JULY! I love moving through my days with ease and not forcing anything – I am being gifted multiple things a day by allowing for the space to receive. PLUS my soul is speaking loud and clear. I am so grateful – I couldn’t stop smiling yesterday because life is so beautiful. 

Talk about a significant change in a short period of time! And it really did take up until now to completely, happily surrender with this month’s ‘theme’ of slowing down. And I am not the only one feeling this big shift in energy. To me, the second half of 2017 is about resting and restoring for a huge 2018. My first half of 2017 was epic and full and non-stop. Truth be told, I had NO time for myself, let alone my fiancé or my family or friends. Yes, that is the nature of owning a business – when the work is there, you take it. You work a month straight because you love what you do, and you have a huge vision.

But then, when the Universe gifts you with space – you must take that space too. Don’t resist it. Realise it has been gifted to you for a REASON! Will my business fall over if I take a bath at midday today because that’s what I want to do? Or if I get no client bookings on a Saturday, is it going to do me HARM to actually embrace the gift of a weekend off, rather than stress about where to fill my client space?

Too often we rush through our lives as if it were a race or a competition. Then when we reach a certain point – the point we would consider to be the ‘finish line’ – we move the markers. The point is an illusion – we never stop.

And it is to our own detriment. We burn ourselves out, start snapping at loved ones, our health suffers and we can’t remember the last time we did something for the FUN of it.

When life gifts you space – take it. Embrace it. And most importantly, resist the urge to FILL it. It has been gifted to you for a reason – get journalling and uncover why.

I’ll leave you with a little reflection I shared with my clients for the month of July – perhaps it will help you too:


My darlings, July has presented a really strong theme to me, and a few other ‘connected’ women I know – and I wanted to share it here with you all too.

The second half of 2017 feels like a time to go within: to slow down, to ‘hibernate’ and take stock of how far you have come.

It is NOT a time to push, to rush or to race to a certain point. There can be discomfort in this – resisting the urge to get from point A to point B as quickly as possible (don’t I know it) – but we are really being guided to slow down. I keep getting: slow and steady wins the race.

So if you have been feeling out of breath lately, like you aren’t doing enough and that there aren’t enough hours in the day: know that there IS and you ARE. You are enough by simply just being. And that the biggest growth will happen for you when you sit in silence, practice presence and fully accept where you are RIGHT NOW.

Be patient my darlings. Take it easy. Go slow. Trust me xxxxx


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