My birthday present for you – 28 little life lessons in 28 years…PLUS a special gift at the end!


Well hello there! Fancy seeing me posting on a Tuesday!
I hope you don’t mind me showing up unexpectedly, but I am FULL of the excitement today!
Yep, I am still unashamedly excited every time another year ticks by on the calendar – I just LOVE birthdays. Not just mine – my partner’s, my family members, my friends. Birthdays are a time to practice gratitude for gracing the earth for another beautiful year of memories, and reflect on the growth that has occurred. Ageing to me is EXCITING! Another year of growth, and wisdom and memories? BRING IT!
So today, to celebrate my birthday with all of you, I wanted to share 28 little lessons I have learned in the past 28 years of my life.


I ALSO want to offer all of you a special birthday prezzy from me at the end of the blog post – because you guys deserve to celebrate too right?!

  1. Life is short – don’t waste it working a job you hate
  2. Find what makes your heart sing and what you would gladly do for free – THAT is your passion and true calling
  3. If you don’t like the gym, quit it. Stop wasting money on a membership and find exercise you truly enjoy
  4. Naturopathy will change your health for the better in every way – find a good one. Heck, see MY naturopath
  5. Going to events that interest you on your own doesn’t make you a loser – it makes you the coolest person in the room (and also allows you to attract likeminded cool people!)
  6. Your friendship circle will change over time – but your soul sisters will stay forever
  7. It is better to have a small circle of intimate friendships than spreading yourself thin over multiple draining friendships
  8. LOVE is the answer. Always. Make it your intention every single day
  9. Random acts of kindness are totally underrated and the easiest way to make you feel better about yourself
  10. Gratitude prevents anxiety. Commit to it daily
  11. Vulnerability is powerful. People don’t want to hear that everything is always sunshine and rainbows – they want to RELATE to you, and sometimes that means not having your shit together – and that is okay
  12. Swearing doesn’t make you a bad person. Sometimes it’s fucking necessary
  13. Money is energy. Train your mind to look at life as abundant and you will attract all the wealth in the world
  14. Self worth is the key to being successful in any area of your life – if you don’t value yourself you don’t value your life
  15. Having a mental illness does not make you weak – and the strongest thing you can do is seek help from a therapist, psychologist or expert in treating your mental health
  16. There is such a thing as burnout, and it is so much more debilitating and troubling than you would realise. It is also entirely preventable
  17. Mama Earth needs to be respected – she is our source for LIFE – air, water, food, essential oils – we need to get our shit together in looking after her
  18. Essential oils are the greatest wellness support I have invested in
  19. There is nothing wrong with network marketing – it is your APPROACH and authenticity when working within it that matters
  20. You can have all the social media followers in the world, but if you’re a dickhead, it doesn’t change much
  21. Life can change in an instant. Tell people you love them
  22. SLEEP IS SO IMPORTANT. Don’t underrate it. Make it as important a priority as eating well and exercising
  23. Eat organic, cut out gluten and don’t restrict yourself from anything. DON’T DIET. Throw out your scales
  24. Make space in your week for nothingness. This is where the magic happens
  25. Oracle cards, meditation, affirmation work and feeling connected to a ‘source’ – be it God, the Universe or whatever else you believe in – is KEY to optimal wellbeing
  26. Nothing beats travel. Stop saving for a mortgage and book a flight to a place you’ve never been before
  27. There is more to life than settling down with a house – unless that is your ultimate goal. But if you are just doing it because everyone else is, think twice
  28. Writing is the best therapy you can gift yourself – and it’s free!

I would love to hear your little life lessons – what have you learned over the span of your life?

Because birthdays are ALL about generosity, I would love to gift you all, for the next 24 HOURS ONLY, 28% off your next (full price) session booked with me.
So that means $42 OFF! I have never done this before but birthdays are to be celebrated for all of us right?


For anyone wanting to redeem this offer ($108 instead of $150 – #winning) – simply book your session with me NOW here.


I will be keeping tabs on the bookings for the next 24 hours, so where it says pay $150 in your confirmation email, know that for you it means $108.


But I have to stress, it is only valid for the next 24 hours – so come 8am on Wednesday August 9 2017, the deal will be FINISHED.


And THAT my friends, is my birthday present to you.


Now, if you excuse me, I am off to eat cake.




Hollie xx


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