When following your intuition doesn’t go to plan…


In two weeks today I will be hopping on a flight to Melbourne for my first interstate workshop. A huge feat in itself, and something I am super excited by, yet I would be lying if I said things have panned out the way I’ve anticipated. (Therein often lies the issue – as we know, expectations more often than not lead to disappointment!)

I have been resistant to bringing my workshops interstate. The idea of fronting up for flights, accomodation, transport, venue hire, goody bag items, meals out and the list goes on, is a big financial deal for a small business like mine.

For months and months I was ignoring the almost daily inboxes from all of you asking when I was bringing my next workshop to your state. Melbourne were the most vocal. Bring BOTH of my workshops, I was constantly asked. In fact, there would be more than 40 Melbournians who have reached out to me at some point this year asking me to bring a workshop down to VIC.

So finally, after much resistance, and a big “I HEAR YOU UNIVERSE!” I contacted a venue provider, hired the space and created the event landing page. Intuition was telling me loud and clear it was time to get my butt to Melbourne. To “feel the fear and do it anyway”.

I launched the event and in the first night sold 4 tickets.

Excellent – confirmation I was doing the right thing. If I could get to 20 tickets sold that would be perfect. I would break even…just… on venue hire, accomodation and flights. No need to make money off my first Melbs workshop, I told myself. Just breaking even would be great.


Two weeks out from the event and I have sold 6 tickets – this covers venue hire. Just.

Last week when I realised it was a very real scenario that I may not sell anymore, the old fear voice crept in. Should I cancel altogether? Downsize the venue location? Was I charging too much? Did I pick the wrong time of year for an event? Should I have gone to Brisbane instead? Or better yet, stayed in Sydney where my workshops sell out to waitlists?

Fear after fear after fear based story running through my head, yet intuition was still ringing loud and clear.

Go to Melbourne, Hollie. And ENJOY it. Give those 6 attendees the BEST DAMN WORKSHOP of your life.

Because here’s the thing…

I don’t do the work I do in the world for money alone. I definitely don’t do it to ‘break even’. I am called to do the work I do to inspire, uplift and share my lessons with people who truly want to learn. Whether that be one person, six people, or a stadium full of people actually DOESN’T MATTER.

What matters is I feel my soul’s calling and listen to it – regardless of whether it makes financial sense. Regardless of whether my ego wants to tell me it’s a silly idea.

So that’s where I am at now. I couldn’t be more excited to get to Melbourne and to enjoy every bloody second.

Remember intuition is not about ‘planning’. In fact, it is often the OPPOSITE of it. It is about feeling and surrendering and TRUSTING. Allowing things to unfold the way the are always supposed to, even though you cannot see what that looks like.

When your intuition doesn’t go to plan – well, you’ve missed the entire point.

No need for plans when intuition is at play.

(Pssst! Got a friend in Melbourne you think would love to spend a Sunday morning vision boarding and learning all things manifestation with me? Invite them to come along! Universe knows we have the space! https://www.eventbrite.com.au/e/manifestation-and-magic-tickets-37525419540)


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