Reflecting on the year that’s been – why I am grateful for 2016


You know you’re onto a good thing when your headline unintentionally rhymes. (Head-rhyme anyone? Okay I’ll stop.)

I think it’s safe to assume that by now, most of you are ready for 2016 to just be over with already. Usually the looming start of a new year is filled with anticipation and excitement for what lies AHEAD – but I get the feeling most people are excited about the new year because they are ready to leave 2016 BEHIND.

Sorry to be the one to break it to you guys, but this way of thinking is pretty destructive.

I am the first person to admit 2016 has been a challenging year.

Heck, in the first month of 2016 I ran my brand new car up the back of a taxi two weeks after taking out my first ever loan to pay for it.

I ended my two month dream Europe trip in the emergency room undergoing surgery for appendicitis.

I spent more time this year on antibiotics than I have in my entire life, for a parasite that was literally eating away at my insides. This has lead me with my second bought of leaky gut, psoriasis and acne on my face (which I have never experienced before and is bloody challenging my ego!)

Not to mention a heap of really tough family challenges that have tested every single little insecurity I have ever experienced before.

BUT here’s the thing. Dwelling on the shit that has happened is not going to do you any good. Rushing away from the challenges that have arisen isn’t going to do much for you, either. It is wonderful when a new year promises a fresh start, and we use it productively as a catalyst for positive change. Now IS the time to set your goals and intentions, clear space for opportunity and get really crystal clear on what you want to feel and create in 2017.

However, if you are only looking at 2017 as an ‘escape’ from the challenges of 2016, then I hate to be the one to break it to you – but the challenges will continue to appear, regardless of the number of the year. (What is with my rhyming today?!)

Recognise that the tough times you were faced with in 2016 have all been LESSONS for you to learn and grow:

  • My appendicitis taught me to slow down, rest and respect my body
  • My car accident taught me to practice presence (you can watch my video sharing this insight here)
  • My gut challenges have enabled me to help my clients make significant and powerful changes in their lives (majority of who are experiencing gut issues like me)
  • Seeking a naturopath to help with all of my ailments has lead to one of the most refreshing and beautiful new friendships I have made this year, let alone in my life
  • The acne on my face has forced me to really look even DEEPER when it comes to self love – regardless of what I look like, I am worthy of my OWN love, and the love of those in my life
  • The family challenges have shown me I still have work to do on experiences from my childhood, as well as some insights into the type of parent and partner I want to be

So yes. 2016 has had its tough times. But when the clock strikes midnight tomorrow, don’t breathe a sigh of relief that 2016 is over. Be grateful for the year that has been – for the lessons and the love. The good and bad times. Embrace 2017 with open arms – ready to take action, using the lessons you learned in 2016 as a catalyst for positive growth and the best year of your life.

I will be here cheering you on.

See you in 2017!

Hollie xx


Why I believe in magic


If you are a client of mine, or are connected with me on social media, you have probably heard me once or twice exclaim:

“I can’t tell you the science behind why manifesting works, it’s just magic!”

I say it a little tongue-in-cheek, as obviously we are well aware of metaphysics, the law of attraction and how energy works (at least to a certain extent, before my mind goes fuzzy with science-speak and I zone out…)

This year has been truly magical for me in many ways. Before rolling your eyes at me, hear me out. The girl I was two years ago did not believe in magic. She was sad and anxious and depressed. She saw no light at the end of the tunnel. She was constantly tired but faced each day with a brave face nonetheless. It was the same thing, day in day out, over and over again – and that girl wasn’t willing to make any changes, as she was the victim of her own circumstances.

Fast forward to where I am now. Magic happens for me every single day. And I guarantee it is happening for you too – whether you believe it or not. Here’s the thing – if you believe in magic, you will see it all around. The Opal card machine on the bus not working the day you realised you need to save more money? Magic. The magazine article explaining the benefits of travelling in your 20s right as you decide to book a trip away? Magic.

BUT if you DON’T believe in magic – you would totally miss these occurrences, and in turn, miss so many amazing, wonderful and magical opportunities that you are being delivered.

Here’s the thing guys:


Truth bomb! Life can deal us difficult blows, yes, and TRUST ME I have had my fair share – but it is what we make of these, that defines us. Actually, I am going to list just a few of my life challenges here so we are all on the same page:

  • Dealing with severe anxiety since I was a small child
  • Parents separating when I was much younger (and a pretty challenging home environment in the years leading up to this)
  • Dad’s diagnosis and battle with cancer
  • Losing loved ones
  • Battling depression and an adrenal fatigue so bad my body gave up on me
  • Psoriasis rashes all over my scalp and eyelids that were itchy and, to be frank, not nice to look at

I could go on – but I don’t actually want to. Because yes, while all of these things could cause me to act a victim, each time I have chosen to see the LESSON. If Dad was never diagnosed with cancer, I may have never set foot in the wellness world. If my parents never separated, it would be a different world for all of us – and they did it as lovingly as they could which makes me realise I have pretty amazing parents to say the least. If I wasn’t sick or didn’t have fatigue or anxiety or depression, then maybe I wouldn’t be where I am today, helping close to hundreds of you with your own challenges – and, hopefully, contributing positively to this beautiful world we live in.

I received the most amazing email this week from a client of mine, following a session where we spoke about magic. This beautiful woman is currently experiencing social anxiety, so part of our session outcomes were for her to visit a health food shop to stock up on some essential oils. I also advised her to pick up a copy of the book Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert (a MUST read for each of you!) Here is what happened:

Today seemed like Big Magic, even though I haven’t started reading the book yet.

I’ve managed to get the ‘Big Magic’ book even though they didn’t have in my library but the lady called another branch and reserved it for me so I got a brand new copy!

I’ve been to health shop to get my lavender oil and get some advice and it turned out that the shop assistant is a volunteer in one of charities dealing with mental illness as her daughter suffers from social anxiety for many years. She also gave me details to a charity and hospital where her daughter got helped a lot and quickly. So I’ve emailed the place and hopefully I’ll get some appointment earlier than the referral I got signed up for in 2,3 months time…So yes it seems like universe is smiling to me. It was so great to speak to someone who understands and it’s my lucky day she was in the shop and gave me some comfort !!! 

It really seems universe is sprinkling some magic!! I even get some compliments from friend saying my character change is much better and one friend told me I look pretty (and I had no make up on, that’s a shocker, especially coming from a male!) 🙂

Here’s the thing guys. I would LOVE for each of you to start looking for the magic in your life. Even if you are in the darkest, deepest, and most challenging time of your life. First, remember there is ALWAYS help available. Heck, it’s what I am here for! Reach out, talk to me, a friend, a family member – but please, DO SOMETHING. Anything to get you closer to experiencing magic of your own.

You ALWAYS have two choices in life:

Look for the lessons. The magic. The love. Even in the shittiest, darkest, ugliest times (and yes there will be these, it’s guaranteed!)


Victimise yourself. Turn away from magic. Wallow in misery.

I know which one I’ll choose every single time.

Remember what my favourite childhood author Roald Dahl once said: Those who don’t believe in magic, will never find it.

Where are you experiencing magic in your life right now?


This time last year (a story about manifesting)



This exact week a year ago two major life-changing occurrences happened for me.

The first was that, after 5 years and many mixed emotions, it was agreed I would leave my position with the company I was working for. I was scared of the unknown but also excited for what was in store. Keep in mind, at this time, I had absolutely no idea what I would be doing with my life. I hadn’t even trained as a coach yet. But I was open to where life was taking me next.

Two days later, my Papa passed away. I was especially close with him and while it was an expected passing, it still rattled me. So on top of the complex layers of emotions I was experiencing after leaving my job, I had added layers of grief, mourning and loss.

What could have been a recipe for disaster actually turned out to be one of the most pivotal weeks in my life.

It started a chain-reaction of events that have occurred over the last 12 months, confirming to me that while every aspect of my life may not be entirely under my control, things always happen as they are supposed to.

For instance, when leaving my job I had two choices: apply for a heap of roles that were familiar to me just to get money in the door (fear based option) or pursue my underlying passion and ‘calling’, sign up to become a coach and launch a business (LOVE based option).

I had this innate sense of knowing everything would be okay. And you know what happened? My Papa had actually left an inheritance sum of money for me that completely cancelled out the salary I was earning at my former role.

Talk about serendipity! I took that as a BIG sign to go straight ahead with starting my business, and I am SO glad I did.

So as a year rolled around this week; and I found myself sitting in my brand new Bondi Beach office (more on that in a minute), I got reflecting:


This quote has been popping up all over the place for me lately and it really resonates with me. When life happens TO us – we are the victim. We have no control because…well…‘life’. When it happens FOR us, we see the opportunity in even the darker times (like losing your job and grandfather…in the same week). And things always work out.

So, onto my Bondi office. Stuff dreams are made of, yes? I have had friends ask how I can even afford an office in such prime real estate – the thing is, this happened FOR me.

I have a note in my phone saved on 13 October this year. It was when I was recovering from appendicitis and not sure what to do with my business – should I find an opportunity that aligned with what I offered to financially support me and grow my client base?

It reads:

I want to manifest a part time role that is aligned with my business, that I am passionate about, with wonderful people, providing regular and stable income, that I am able to commit to while running my business and having time for myself.

It is with great pride that I would like to announce I am now the in-house Wellness Coach at Face Plus MediSpa Bondi Beach.

This, my wonderful tribe, is manifestation at work. Not only does this role tick every single thing off my list, it has opened a world of possibility for me in the wellness, health and beauty space. Face Plus are absolute leaders in their field and one of the first (if not the first) spas to incorporate a wellness aspect – which makes so much sense to me. Massage, facials, vitamin infusions, and energy and light therapy are all entirely aligned with wellness, and I just know you are all going to LOVE this space.

Plus, you can totally go for a swim after your appointment (which is what I will be doing on my lunch breaks!)

There is NO WAY IN THE WORLD if you told me this time last year I would be running my own wellness coaching business from a beautiful brand new Bondi Beach office I would have believed you. But here I am doing exactly that.

Look for the opportunities, not the obstacles – because both will always be there.

Where could you be a year from now if you let life happen FOR you?


Hollie xx

P.S We are working on a crazy amazing package incorporating wellness, beauty and health – and at a freaking cheap price might I add. If this is something you are interested in, please leave a comment to be added to the wait list. You will get first dibs on session times in December and January.