Quality over quantity


I’m baaaaaack!

Actually, on second thoughts, I haven’t actually BEEN anywhere to be ‘back’ from.

Yep, I had my time away in Byron in the lead up to Chrissy (life changing), then we had the new year and all the energetic shifts that always come with it, and now, sitting almost 20 days into 2018, I feel the pull to sit down and write. So I am.

But I don’t want the vibe to be that I had ‘gone’ somewhere, and now I am reemerging. Because in reality, I haven’t gone anywhere. I have just been more in tune with what I really want. Like, at a deep soul level – what will light me up in this very moment? Where is flow taking me (as opposed to forcing or pushing or striving or what ‘should’ I be doing right now?)

Truth be told, toward the end of 2017 I began to feel super regimented by ‘rules’ I had put in place for myself, for no other reason than I thought they should be there.

Things like:

  • I must release a new blog and newsletter every second Friday
  • I should be hyper-available online to everybody – be it client, friend, family member or stranger (what do you mean reply after 3 or 4 days? I need to get back to them stat! They NEED me!)
  • It’s important to post online every day – and if not every day then every second day – because ‘business’ relies on it

Maybe you have similar rules in place? Regardless of whether your run a business, are a mama or just use ‘rules’ or to do lists to guide your every day, did you ever stop and think about whether these things are really, truly serving you?

I did a lot of reflecting over the break, and what I came to realise is that most of these rules I was placing on myself actually weren’t serving me. And because they weren’t serving ME, or adding light to MY life, then they couldn’t possibly be serving all of YOU. Because the energy I was bringing to them was stagnant, messy and a bit confused.

I was forcing myself to ‘show up’ to share, post and create content, even when every ounce of me preferred to switch off. I didn’t allow myself any days ‘off’ work, because I assumed if I wasn’t churning and burning, then you guys would leave and I would be left without a business, without clients, without ‘followers’.

Notice how it was all totally fear driven?

2018 has a new energy for me. It is one of slow and steady. Flow. Pace. And truly, doing what I feel like and WHEN I feel like doing it.

If, like me, you are conscious of being really in tune with intuition, your soul and living a life that is full of ease, then why is it that we run our lives in allocations of time slots and to do lists to ensure we don’t forget what MUST get done, and rushing from one thing to the next in order to feel accomplished?

I want days where the only thing I do is a barre class and a nap.

I want days where I don’t write a single word, because when I am not forcing content out of my mind, it flows so much more effortlessly.

I want days – or weeks – where I share NOTHING because I know what I would normally share is really just ‘noise’ and not adding any value to you, or me.

That’s where my head is at for 2018.

So, expect a whole lot MORE from me. Because in delivering less frequently, I am able to deliver more in quality, in substance and in content that is truly going to add value to your lives.

Because THAT is more important to me than ticking off a to do list.

I hope you agree.

Hollie xx